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United Kingdoms of the Taareh


TL 10 (early)
Ruler Council of Seven Kings
Government Monarchy
Capital Qebe, Reh
Ethnic Groups

10 Systems, Q-Human (Qebish)
Council of Seven Kings (Monarchy)
Ambassador to the Council: Amenemhat Nefertari
TL10; CR: gen=3, wpn=2, trd=4
Currency=Deben (₺), CF=.83, flux=12A
Languages: Miduqebe, Amerish
Special Units: Foreign Army of the Taareh


Proud Scholar Race: of the decidedly scientific but non-pacifistic variety; Human Aliens


  • Essentially Space-Egyptians
  • Pragmatic and skeptical
  • Tend to be xenophobic and racist
  • Taareh (T’a-Reh); Men of Reh (the Sun)
  • Q-Human: refers to the strain of humanity originating from Qebe, UKT. As a race of humans, they have obvious physical differences from known Terran races (that have yet to be fully determined, except that the usual “dip” between the brow and the beginning of the nose is typically non-existent).
  • Not known for certain whether extra-solar Qebish people were seeded on Terra in the Nile Delta region, or vice versa; without a lot of outside influence as they developed, the culture remained far more homogeneous and intact than its Terran sibling.
  • Qebe (qb)="Earth"; the origin-world of the Taareh (and perhaps Egyptian civilization)
  • Miduqebe (mdw qb): "Mouth of Earth"—dominant language on Qebe that remained as a lingua franca in the UKT after their spread to other systems. I’m mostly sticking to RL ancient Egyptian for the language, with some intentional (and some unintentional) tweaks here and there to account for several thousand years of independent development.
  • During the “Earthfleet” period, it was the Taareh that passed on knowledge of star-navigation to the Terrans, and has held onto that monopoly long afterward through the Navigators
  • The Qebish culture is almost universally secularized. The old gods are commonly referenced, but not worshiped in any real way. However, the past century or so has experienced a fast spread of P-Church within the UKT.
  • There’s a bit of a Trek Starfleet+Vulcans thing between the Terrans and Taareh; Taareh started out as a “mentor” race (though they occasionally held things back to stunt their development), and eventually the Earthers caught up to a more-or-less “equal” status
  • Peacekeepers (Ref: Farscape, ripped pretty much as-is)=UKT’s internal militarized police force, that does occasionally deal with external threats. Authority is near-equal with the Seven Kings, having dipped a bit above or below in the past.
  • Yes, “Taareh” is an homage to Stargate SG-1's “Tau’ri” which has a heavy influence on this race/culture. On the other hand, it’s currently on the 5-6th iteration from the original name, “Tamil” (I think), from well over 20 years ago—I was just never satisfied with it

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