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Ethnic Groups


  • TL: 10(late); Concentration: Stealth
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • An ever-changing, loosely-organized collection of despotic states
  • Ref: Mangalores-The 5th Element, Necromongers-Chronicles of Riddick ("You keep what you kill," etc.)
  • Age-of-Sail Analogue: France
  • Primarily Tohre-Chi (and by extension, Emminh-Rhi)
  • Strong tendency toward “piratic” behavior

Space Travel

The Brotherhood of Steersmen

  • TCC-based astrogational school


Essentially, submarines. Composed of exclusively non-ferrous metals and composites (reducing the magnetic signature), have advanced emission cloaking systems, chameleon skin coverings, and are geared to run for long periods without artificial gravity. Chi pioneered this type of vehicle. Terrans followed with their own, in response to the constant Tohre-Chi pirate threat. Undetectables are used only by Chi-Com and some Houses of the CHW.


  • Gov't. Captures considered property of Captain but pass on to Gov't when that Captain retires or dies.
  • ChiCom ships named after its captain, considered the same entity


  • Campaign-Modern
  • Some experimental TL11 tech becoming available on a limited basis
  • Advanced (TL11) in a Science: Stealth (BT), Cybernetics (BT)
  • Retarded (TL9) in a Science: Computers
  • Retarded in an Art: All
  • Chi-made goods are always waterproof
  • Chi-built tech tends to be somewhat bulkier and uglier
  • Primary method of motive thrust is a variation on the ForceSail, using several large “flaps” hinged at the rear mounted at the ship’s stern, that vary their thrust generation through open flap angle (Ref:Vorlons). Does arc in most atmospheres, and does produce kinetic wake, although the external gravitic signature is generally much harder to detect.
  • Chi ship design is very stealthy; slick, low-profile for atmospheric/submersible craft (Ref:B-2). Hulls always made of EM absorbent material. Warships tend to have a patchwork look to them. All Chi ships are designed for head-on engagements. External weapons designed to be “tucked” to reduce signature. Atmospheric craft are designed to re-enter atmosphere/water in reverse.
  • Nearly all aerospace and air/watercraft are submersible
  • Waterproofing/hydrodynamics at 1/2 cost
  • Cyberwear cost is lowered 25%, obvious cyberwear availability increased by one step
  • Cryonics unavailable
  • Slugs are nearly exclusively liquid-propellant type

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