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In Show


Body Armor

  • Looks like “Ballistic?”


Laptop computer (“Plex”)

  • Promethean Core; can be blown out

Palmtop computer

  • iPhone-sized, transparent touch-screen



Bioscanner: “Bylaws” ep, detects “life”
Thermal Monocle-thing


“Finger-scanner”; Use Medscanner, UT200
Ported to TL9 as-is
“Med-bed”; Use Diagnosis Bed, Bio128/UT197(+Automed, Bio139/UT196?)
Includes Medscanner option, UT200
Bandage Spray, Bio124/UT197
Small can, “matches skin tone” variant observed
“Local Remedies”
“Laser-Scalpel” thing


Geothermal Well
Hydro Turbines


Cargo Containers; round, green ones purpose-built for Portal ops
Autorotate-type drop package; 4-corners
Wheeled; some kind of power-assist allows pushing multi-ton loads by hand
Research balloons; AER CAM #
Take atmospheric readings
Thermal imaging
Sonic weapon


Comm relay ballutes: tethered to relay stations; station-keeping hardware/software
Retrotech: Ref: nBSG, going analog to avoid snooping
Internal Colony comms switched to hard-line
Megacarno Decoy: one-use animal-shaped auto-inflatable balloon w/ blood scent, grenade-like delay w/ throw-handle; foil-wrapped, MRE-sized pouch. Recent development, requires parts/material from Homeline, so no mass-production means not many exist

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