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The Crown Guard is a strong force of some [two thousand], formally-trained and well-equipped force of guardsmen under the direct authority of the King on the Old Throne. Their salary is paid by the kingdom as a whole and unlike many of the kingdom's other institutions they do not swear fealty to any lord other than the king. They are expected to help defend the city if it were to ever come under attack.

The Guard promotes by merit, not status. The leader of the Guard is referred to as "Lord Captain" when of noble birth but simply as "Captain" when not; there is no functional difference, other than manner of address. All members are equipped with the same "red" surcoat. Though it is largely an effective peacekeeping force, the Crown Guard is notoriously prone to corruption. Though they are ultimately loyal to the king or queen on the Old Throne, many have other paymasters, whom they serve in various ways.

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