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Blueline Enforcement Company is a private police company in the Helene System, United Stars Alliance (USA), whose duties are to protect the property and citizens of Tamborro Station, and to enforce state and city laws on Tamborro Station property. The Tamborro Station detachment of Blueline currently employs more than 100 Public Safety officers and 10 civilian employees.


Law Enforcement, Inc

SPA Ratings

Response Time: Gold-star-icon.pngGold-star-icon.pngGold-star-icon.pngGold-star-off-icon.pngGold-star-off-icon.png(Average)
Professionalism: Gold-star-icon.pngGold-star-icon.pngGold-star-off-icon.pngGold-star-off-icon.pngGold-star-off-icon.png (Lax)
Attitude: Gold-star-icon.pngGold-star-icon.pngGold-star-icon.pngGold-star-off-icon.pngGold-star-off-icon.png (Neutral)


Tamborro Station management is one of many localities that has contracted Blueline to protect its property and citizens since the station first went operational. Tamborro Station was designed to house approximately 20,000 permanent or semi-permanent residents, for which Blueline is responsible.


Blueline Enforcement Company has the following units:

  • Patrol Unit - Officers patrol on foot and in patrol trams
  • Bicycle Unit - Officers patrol on bicycles
  • Emergency Services Unit - Officers patrol in rescue trams, are fully certified EMT's, back up other officers when necessary, and are trained to handle rescue, tactical, and medical emergencies
  • Detective Squad - Detectives investigate and solve crimes, apprehend criminals, and locate missing persons
  • Gang Intelligence Unit - Officers investigate gangs and gang activity, and try to keep gangs and gang activity to a minimum
  • Community Affairs - Officers keep in close contact with the public, and try to keep a good rapport between the public and the department
  • Training Unit - Responsible for all training given to all employees
  • Investigations Unit - Officers investigate all internal investigations involving personnel
  • Community Policing - Officers increase community participation in activities and community based public safety programs


Blueline recruits must pass a company training course which includes all necessary training required by USA Ministry of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) for training as a Peace Officer. In addition, recruits go through training in physical control of a subject, the use and effects of standard officer equipment.


Public Safety Officers are equipped with a [sidearm, can of pepper spray, baton, handcuffs, flashlight, and police radio].

Power and authority

Public Safety Officers have Special Patrolmen status authorized by the USA. With Special Patrolmen status, officers have peace officer powers while on duty. With peace officer powers, officers can make warrant-less arrests, carry and use handcuffs, and use physical and deadly force, and to issue parking summonses to illegally parked vehicles on Tamborro Station property.

Chain of Command

Notable Employees


  • Office Address: C1W-####

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