Anvie Lafoe

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Name Anvie Lafoe
Age 46
Race Human
Class Aristocrat
Status NPC (Living)
Rank Feudal 6
Allegiance King Francis V
Culture Antagonese
Religion Pantheonism
Residence Castle Lafoe
Icon prestige.pngPrestige Distinguished
Piety.pngPiety Dutiful
Icon wealth.pngWealth V.Wealthy+


Title: His Grace, Anvie Lafoe, (Thirteenth) Duc of Gastony, Conte of Florry, Chancellor of Antagonia
Actor: Michel Muller, Ref: The Borgias


Callous Opportunist


French Jerk



  • Acceded two years ago, but been around court all his life; was running things for some time while father was in prison in Überland.
  • Ambitious, but not too ambitious
  • Terrible chancellor: really couldn't give a damn—only has the job because he's a powerful vassal and demanded it
    • Spends ~50% of his time at court in Palay doing the King's business; most of the "real work" he delegates to underlings; is leaving his son in charge while he's away, since he's come of age, to get him some experience
  • "Cruelty" manifests more as a "callous disregard" for others, especially the lesser folk



Spouse & Children
Wife: Dujess Réjine Daggérre (953/47yo), sister of previous Conte of Bordoor
  • Son: Baron Dominic of Bastienne (983/17yo), Commander; married (17yo), no kids
  • Daughter, 9yo
  • Son, 7yo
Parents & Siblings
Father: the blessed; died in [Überish count's] dungeon 2ya at 63yo (probably on royal "diplomatic" assignment)
Mother: died accident 24ya at 38yo
  • Brother, 39yo, d of cancer
  • Brother, d of pneumonia at 3yo
  • Brother, 32yo, previously married before entering a holy order
    • Nephew, 10yo, in succession line
  • Brother, 26yo, prison
  • Sister, 25, married to duc, w/ 2 minor sons
Stepmother: 52yo, living, no kids
Father's Family
Uncle: [Grandmaster of holy order?]

The Grass is Greener in Banner Hall…

The Gastons are a distinct ethnicity within Antagonia, and once populated the entire Pale River Valley region. In the centuries after the fall of the Old Empire, big chunks of what is now Banner Hall traded hands between Antagonia and Generica time and again. So, Duc Anvie's desire to reclaim the ancestral lands runs long and deep. He would say his current efforts to seize the flourishing lands of Banner Hall are on behalf of his late father, but privately, he really wants to reclaim the old territories to expand and enrich his own desmene, and ensure his legacy. This isn't his only "iron in the fire," but it is the most important to him.

Even before the death of his father, Duc Anvie had begun developing contacts, in Banner Hall and elsewhere, to help further his plot. His chancellor's efforts have finally borne fruit, as after many years of scouring the land, he has finally identified a Bannerish magistrate with sympathies negotiable/leverageable enough to legitimize the claim. But the deed must be done before the old man dies or is replaced by another more-virtuous character, and who knows how long it will take for another such opportunity to arise?

  • In the meantime, will accept taking BH down a peg-or-two, where possible, just to make them stop "shining so brightly" by comparison


CK2: Intricate webweaver.pngBrave.pngCruel.pngDeceitful.pngEnvious.pngGregarious.pngProud.pngSlothful.png; Focus: Intrigue focus.png; Ambition: Obj amass wealth.png