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Home Conditions

  • Home Gravity: 1.17
  • Home Atmosphere: Standard, Oxy/Nit
  • Home Terrain: Shallow Ocean/Swamp
  • Home Climate: Warm; +10°
  • TL: 10(late); Concentration: Stealth


They were originally a phosphorous-based, aquatic organism, probably fish-like, from a world with a very active water-cycle; Ref: Kamino-SWEpII. The species was uplifted, gengineered and cybernetically modified by their near-symbiotic partner-race, the Emminh-Rhi. As a result, their physical form (based on encounter-suit, not natural) is roughly man-sized (a little squat), humanoid/bipedal (height -2"@ST; weight +100lbs@ST). Their encounter-suits are as individual as fingerprints, but are usually chameleon-surfaced, often decorated with braids, capes, markings, etc. They are cybernetically bonded to encounter-suit and cannot be removed (they are, technically, cyborgs), and tend to self-destruct when killed; no outside scientists have been able to discover what their original form, and efforts at genetic reconstruction have been slow (and underfunded). They cannot reproduce naturally, only artificially, due to the encounter-suit.


  • Tend toward the “Chaotic Neutral” and are generally capricious and unpredictable.
  • Ref:Mangalores-5th Element, Necromongers-Riddick ("You keep what you kill," etc.)
  • Tend to have issues processing the concepts of “private property”; piracy/theft is their “normal.”


They are incapable of direct verbal communication, relying on their suits to allow electronic means. Amongst their own kind, they use no “language” but communicate directly via highly-encrypted radio transmissions. They are, however, capable of vocalizing any language through external speakers (most commonly Emminric). (It has been theorized that the original form of the species used a natural sonar to communicate.) Since Tohre-Chi have no spoken language, all names and words associated with the Tohre-Chi are from the Emminric language.

3e GURPS Stats

Based on a "suited" individual, and not their natural form; cost does not include any integral weaponry, which are always present in some form or another

 Attribute Modifiers [-10]: ST+3 [30]; DX-1 [-20]; IQ-1[-20]
 Secondary Attribute Modifiers [10]: HP+5 [10]
 Advantages [217]: Carbon-Based [0]; Chameleon+2 (Affects EM and IR [+20%]; Always On [-10%]) [+11]; Damage Resistance+20 (Can't wear armor [-40%]) [60]; Doesn't Breathe [20]; Doesn't Sleep[20]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Hyperspectral Vision (One spectrum at a time [-20%]) [20]; No Facial Expression [10]; Pressure Support 3 [15]; Sealed [15]; Subsonic Speech [10]; Telecommunication (Radio; Works underwater [+50%]; Video [+40%]; Racial [-20%]) [17]; Vacuum Support [5]
 Disadvantages [-150]: Electrical [-20]; Maintenance (1 SK:Eng/Mech(Cyber), weekly) [-5]; ORH (Does things that don't make any normal sense and never (or can't) explains why) [-10]; Phobia (Unconsciousness) [-15]; Restricted Diet (Substitution [-50%]) [-10]; Restricted Vis (NoPV) [-15]; Rigid Biochemistry+3[-45]; Unhealing (Never, can be repaired) [-30]
 Features: Dead-man device destroys internal organics on the event of its death (non-explosive)
 Taboo: Cyber-Rejection
 Recommended: Any Mental Disads; CoH(Chi)


  • Most universally annoying


  • A bit of a mash-up of the Mondoshawan and Mangalore races from 5th Element, plus a dose of Astromech from Star Wars.
  • Emminh-Rhi engineers are never far away (though usually out of sight), as the encounter-suit requires regular upkeep.
  • "Bleed" seawater
  • Tend to have many built-in "gadgets" that allow them to perform normally in spit of the restrictions of the encounter suit (e.g. mini tools built into hands to make up for lack of manual dexterity)
  • Physical Disads generally refer to the encounter suit, rather than the organism