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  • Home Gravity: 1.17
  • Home Atmosphere: Standard, Oxy/Nit
  • Home Terrain: Shallow Ocean/Swamp
  • Home Climate: Warm; +10°
  • TL: 10(late); Concentration: Stealth


  • Chaotic Neutral


  • Ref:Mangalores-5thE, Necromongers-CoRiddick; "You keep what you kill," etc.
  • Never seen outside encounter suits


  • Uplifted by the Emminh-Rhi, gengineered and cybernetically modified
  • Homeworld has a very active water-cycle; Ref:Kamino


 Unspoken(Radio; originally sonar-based); Emminric, with voice-simulator


  • Physical: (Based on encounter suit, not natural form) Roughly man-sized (a little squat), humanoid/bipedal; height -2"@ST; weight +100lbs@ST
  • Dress: Never seen outside encounter suit, suit design varies slightly by individual, usually chameleon-surfaced, often decorated with braids, capes, markings, etc.
  • Architecture: Natural, mostly carved and decorated caves built by Emminh-Rhi. More commonly, (star)ship/station-style dwellings.
  • Vehicles: Always amphibious, fish-like hydrodynamics, generally chameleon-surfaced, water-atmo except the engineering department, which is usually "air"-filled for the Emminh-Rhi engineers


  • Cannot reproduce naturally, only artificially, due to the encounter-suit.


  • Most universally annoying


Based on a "suited" individual, and not their natural form; cost does not include any integral weaponry, which are always present in some form or another

 Attribute Modifiers [-10]: ST+3 [30]; DX-1 [-20]; IQ-1[-20]
 Secondary Attribute Modifiers [10]: HP+5 [10]
 Advantages [217]: Carbon-Based [0]; Chameleon+2 (Affects EM and IR [+20%]; Always On [-10%]) [+11]; Damage Resistance+20 (Can't wear armor [-40%]) [60]; Doesn't Breathe [20]; Doesn't Sleep[20]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Hyperspectral Vision (One spectrum at a time [-20%]) [20]; No Facial Expression [10]; Pressure Support 3 [15]; Sealed [15]; Subsonic Speech [10]; Telecommunication (Radio; Works underwater [+50%]; Video [+40%]; Racial [-20%]) [17]; Vacuum Support [5]
 Disadvantages [-150]: Electrical [-20]; Maintenance (1 SK:Eng/Mech(Cyber), weekly) [-5]; ORH (Does things that don't make any normal sense and never (or can't) explains why) [-10]; Phobia (Unconsciousness) [-15]; Restricted Diet (Substitution [-50%]) [-10]; Restricted Vis (NoPV) [-15]; Rigid Biochemistry+3[-45]; Unhealing (Never, can be repaired) [-30]
 Features: Dead-man device destroys internal organics on the event of its death (non-explosive)
 Taboo: Cyber-Rejection
 Recommended: Any Mental Disads; CoH(Chi)


  • Since Tohre-Chi have no spoken language, all names and words associated with the Tohre-Chi are from the Emminric language
  • Cybernetically bonded to encounter suit, cannot be removed (technically cyborgs); no outside scientists have been able to discover what they really look like, and efforts at genetic reconstruction have been slow (and underfunded).
  • Suits are as individual as fingerprints
  • Technically Phosphorous-based, although the advantages are nullified due to bionic reconstruction.
  • "Bleed" seawater
  • Tend to have many built-in "gadgets" that allow them to perform normally in spit of the restrictions of the encounter suit (e.g. mini tools built into hands to make up for lack of manual dexterity)
  • Physical Disads generally refer to the encounter suit, rather than the organism