Terra Nova Colony

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Chronolocation: ~70±5 mya (Late-Cretaceous); estimated to be <10 million years to K/T extinction event
Geolocation: ~Rocky Mtn Nat’l Park, CO (~Granby); situated in local highlands, to minimize flooding
Population: 1155 (~100 troops)
Dimensions: ~1km diameter (w/ 418263.3m²/109 acres of protected farmland)
CR: 3

Themes & Threats

Theme: Taylor always gets his way, even if it's wrong

  • Aspect: Iron Fist of Taylor
  • Faces: Taylor, Chavan

Theme: The illusion of Utopia conceals a desperate struggle to survive

  • Aspect: Struggle to Survive
  • Faces: Fox, Guzman, Ogawa

Threat: A hidden hand is trying to turn the colony against itself

  • Aspect: Hidden Hand
  • Faces: Chavan

Balance of Power

Status Quo

Balance between Taylor and his opponents, and the colony's common outside enemies, keep it from flying apart

Movers & Shakers

See Terra Nova Administration
Maintain Status Quo?

  • Taylor, Boylan

Rock the Boat?

  • Chavan, Sixers

Who's in the Know about the Alien Menace?

  • ?


Inside the Gate

  • Command Center
  • Boylan's Bar
  • Engineering Center
  • Research Center
  • Medical Center
  • Agricultural Center
  • Market
  • The Eye
  • Others
    • Main Plaza
    • Auto Bay
      • Repair Dock
    • School(s)
    • PX(s)
    • Mess Hall
    • Memorial Field
    • Chapel (some guy’s house?)
    • Main Hall

Outside the Gate (OTG)

  • Snakehead Falls
  • Pilgrim's Tree
  • Relay Stations
  • Research Stations
  • Outer Settlements