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~2020: OKC Boom:

  • Around this time, Oklahoma City metropolitan area surpasses D/FW to become the largest population center in the mid-US. Growing upward, rather than outward, downtown OKC nearly triples in size as the entire city goes vertical to accommodate new industries. Oklahoma City is increasingly referred to as the "heart of the country," drawing the country's many enemies to it to stab at it.


  • Oklahoma City Mass Transit Project begins construction, expanding bus lines and building an extensive monorail system, to cope with population (and therefore, traffic) boom.


  • Construction begun on the Heartland Tower, a 100+ story office building in downtown OKC, similar to the TransAm building in San Fransisco; at the time, the Tower would become a running joke, synonymous with neverending projects, as numerous setbacks would continuously delay completion.


  • The Island: Merrick Biotech prosecuted for cloning violations regarding the keeping of fully-conscious clones rather than the "persistent vegetative state" required by law.

2030: Doomsday:

  • Jericho: In what was believed at the time to have been a terrorist attack, nuclear devices in 23 major US cities, followed [weeks] later by a non–missile-based nuclear detonation over the Pacific NW that wipes out all unshielded electronics in the western half of the country, plunging the country into total chaos. In the aftermath, the US is split into three countries; the United States of America based in Columbus, OH, the Allied States of America based in Cheyenne, WM, and the Independent Republic of Texas. Confusion and accusation revolving around the "attacks" result in a "global nuclear exchange" (referred to as the GNX, or the "60-minute war" (though it could hardly be called a "war")); much destruction is avoided due to satellite defenses. Jennings & Rall, a multinational corporation based in Cheyenne is later blamed for having orchestrated the attacks, although the accusation fails to stick over time as there is little hard evidence to support it.

2031: The Blight:

  • As the world reels from the GNX, a mysterious "plague" suddenly spreads across the globe, starting in Nebraska, USA and the Ukraine simultaneously, wiping out grain-production and stockpiles, and rendering oil reserves useless; vegetation at higher altitudes fared better. Severe food shortage sets in world-wide, and over time, human and animal populations would be reduced dramatically t.hrough starvation. Australia is the least affected by the Blight, due in part to an immediate and strict quarantine.
  • The scandal-weakened ASA gov't eventually collapses, and its associated states become independent; over the next decade, a number of those independent states, one by one, give in to US non-military attempts to persuade them to return to US federal control.


  • Dark Angel.


  • "The Big One," earthquake of 8.2 (Richter) hits southern California, and a second Dust Bowl covers much of the US, caused by massive deforestation.

2036-37: Food Riots:

  • Fortress-towns and bunker-villages develop to protect citizens from gangs of "crazies" (the first such town is believed to have been Jericho, KS). Due to starvation and the inability to cope with the gangs, National gov't fails to keep order throughout much of the US, and begins to collapse entirely. Some large cities are completely abandoned. The collapse of the US gov't leaves Australia as the world's only real superpower.

2038-60: Dark Ages II:

  • Gangs rule most of the US outside of the fortress towns. Country real-estate becomes basically worthless. Many large cities totally abandoned.
  • Mad Max, The Postman.


  • Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Deseret, and Alaska are the only states that remain independent from US federal control, as Montana finally gives in to US pressure. Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana are the most stubborn, forming a loose alliance referred to as the Free Oil States. Mistakes were made, and the bad blood that resulted meant that war, on some scale, would be inevitable.

2060: The Recovery:

  • Earth's surface vegetation shows first weak signs of recovery from the Blight, though scientists predict it could take centuries to completely regrow; new algae farms make up lost food production.
  • Television becomes America's number two industry, next to food production; "reality-based" shows are the most common type. "Death sports" become popular in many US states, in the absence of Federal oversight.


  • The 6th Day: Replacement Technologies (RepTek) cloning facility destroyed in a terrorist attack; those responsible were never discovered, but were believed to be anti-cloning zealots.


  • In an effort to stave off rising unrest, the Supreme Court allows "creative" punishments for the worst criminals, allowing deadly arena games as an alternative to the death sentence.
  • After some success with televised death-row full-contact cage-fighting, privately owned and operated Terminal Island Correctional Facility is converted to include a vehicle racing facility, and Death Race is born, becoming a near-instant media sensation.


  • "Shootout," a locally produced and broadcast blood-sport TV show featuring teams of shooters using "reduced-lethality" weapons, becomes nationally noticed when it is discovered by a larger network.
  • "Crazy Joe" Harshman first winner/survivor of Terminal Island's Death Race.
  • Term "autoduelling" first used by sports writers.

2064: US Civil War II:

  • Inevitably, the gov't of the USA attempts to finally reunite the rest of the country, igniting a Second US Civil War. Due to all sides knowing each others' tactical strengths and weaknesses, casualties, as a percentage, are relatively high on both sides, although the much lower total number of people involved meant the casualty totals were relatively low. Use of precision weaponry meant that collateral damage was minimized (but not avoided).
  • OKC was heavily fought over by both sides, and "changed hands" several times, although most of the fighting was restricted to military targets such as Tinker AFB, which was bombed countless times.


  • Turning point in the war, when the Independents (AKA "Browncoats," the strongest of which was the Free Oil States) start to lose out against the Federalists. (=Battle of Serenity Valley/Gettysburg).

2066: Unification Day

  • (Jun 20) Texarcana Accords signed, "ending" the Civil War. Although the US gov't was successful in retaking the country, the Federal gov't would grant state governors increased autonomy, providing they "paid their dues." Alaska was never recovered, and remained independent.

2067: Bread and Circuses:

  • National gov't re-establishes its authority, but enforcement is decentralized. The economy is weak but stable, with food rationed and unemployment at 37%. The Supreme Court further decriminalizes manslaughter in arena games, and other death-sports become hugely successful.
  • "Shootout" gets a new lease on life, as the Professional Combat Hunters Association (PCHA). Armadillo Autoduel Arena opens on site of former shopping mall in Austin, Texas.
  • "Return" of international trade, with Australia as the largest exporter; first (Australian) Holden autos sold in the US.
  • Death Race: Framed race-driver escapes from Terminal Island and destroys Death Race production facilities, eliminating their monopoly on death-sports production and allowing others to flourish.


  • Many localities legalize vehicular weaponry of a "defensive nature"—very loosely defined—owing to their inability to effectively enforce any sort of ban. A variety of weapons become available as "factory options" on all US makes of cars and many imports.
  • The world goes wireless: satellite-based interstate communication becomes the norm, as US Gov't officially gives up on re-establishing land-based communication networks, due to constant Raider vandalism of the equipment.

2069: Birth of the AADA:

  • Autoduelling becomes most popular TV sport, edging out combat football and private wars. By this point, eight more autoduel arenas have opened up in North America (generally converted from other uses).

2070: Top Gun I:

  • AADA holds first sanctioned nat'l championship, dubbed TopGun, in Austin TX. AADA also begins issuing area advisories and helping duellists organize against gangs and other hazards, upsetting local police forces.
  • Utah autoduellists openly form vigilante group to combat Badlands gangs (others have done so in secret for years).


  • (mid) 24, Day1.


  • Duelling outside city limits now legal in 14 states and tolerated in most others. "Massacre at Midville" occurs. Colleges and tech-schools start offering combat driving courses.
  • (24) Palmer administration begins.


  • 24, Day2: Palmer assassination attempt;
  • (mid) 24, The Game(?): attempted assassination of Palmer's VP.


  • Statistics show "smash and grab" gangs much reduced. Rural real estate begins to rise in value. Law-enforcement officials credit vehicular weaponry of private citizens, but most point out that "The gangs that are left are now better armed than we are…" Autoduelling now legal in 39 states.
  • (late) (24) Jack Bauer goes undercover w/ Mexican drug jefe.


  • (Late) 24, Day3.


  • Interstate '76.
  • (24) Keeler/Logan administration begins.
  • (Mid) Game Time.