Francis V of Antagonia

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Name Francis Gronwy
Age 46
Race Human
Class Aristocrat
Status NPC (Living)
Rank Feudal 7
Allegiance Antagonia
Culture Antagonese
Religion Pantheonism
Residence Palay
Icon prestige.pngPrestige Illustrious
Piety.pngPiety Devoted Servant
Icon wealth.pngWealth MM1


Title: His Majesty, Francis Gronwy, Fifth of his Name, King of Antagonia, Duc of Larroy, &c.
Actor: Lambert Wilson


A conniving monarch, who just wants to make the world—or Generica, at least—his


French Jerk; Head-in-the-Sand Management; Villain with Good Publicity: Downplayed (Not really "Evil," just an asshole)




  • Bit of a two-faced dick
  • Hasn't been able to produce documents proving his supposed distant claim to the Generic throne
  • Has been on pilgrimage to the Holy Lands (ultimately, a PR ploy)
  • Secretly wishes his current wife would hurry up and die, so he can remarry and get to making more heirs


Spouse & Children
First Wife: [TBD] (953–978; d.@25 of [gout])
  • Son: [TBD] Gronwy (976–997; d.@21 under "suspicious circumstances")
Second Wife: [TBD] (938–; m.979; 62yo); ugly, fat, bedridden with [cancer]
Parents & Siblings
Father: Francis IV "The Traitor" (942–990; d.@58 of injuries) (fled battle?); first Gronwyard king of Antagonia
Mother: [TBD] (932–996; d.@68 of cancer), youngest daughter of [Duc of Espaya]
  • Sister, 38yo
  • Sister, 35yo
  • Sister, 30yo
  • Half-Brother, 26
Father's Family (House Gronwy)
Grandfather: Duc [TBD] Gronwy of Larroy, d.38ya @56 from Burning-Pox
Great-Grandfather: Conte [TBD] of [TBD], d.82ya @43 of natural causes
Mother's Family ([TBD])
  • Mother was youngest of 8 children of (then) [Duc of Espaya]


  • Weak claim on [Ducdom of Espaya] (via mother)


  • [Crown Jewels]

The Rightful High-King of Imperia

  • Post-Old-Empire, Antagonia was the seat of a new High King, for a while; Ref: Franks/Charlemagne—covered Antagonia, Generica, Überland, Naboria
  • Rivalry with Überland over who represents their legacy more-directly
  • Pushed to assert by the Druids via his Loremaster?
  • Father "The Traitor" was first Gronwyard king; a good start—"inciting incident"


CK2: Underhanded rogue.pngBaptized by pope.pngCrowned by priest.pngGame master.pngPilgrim.pngPoet.pngAmbitious.pngDeceitful.pngZealous.pngGreedy.pngProud.png; Focus: Carousing focus.png; Ambition: Obj build treasury.png