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The Kingdom of Antagonia is divided between many hundreds of noble houses of various sizes. In Antagonia ultimate power derives from the King and descends through the Great Houses that rule the constituent regions to their vassals. The most powerful vassal houses may themselves field armies of a few thousand and control large regions, while the smallest houses may be little more than impoverished landholders with only a few men to their name. Members of the nobility are called "highborn", in contrast to lowborn commoners. A typical noble house is seated at a castle and controls the land around it, collecting tithes and taxes from farmers, lesser landholders and smallfolk. In times of war they are expected to recruit and maintain a number of soldiers for their lieges. In most of Antagonia only men can become ruling lords, and women can only rule if the rest of the male line has been extinguished or if they are acting as regents for their sons until they become of majority.

The Great Houses are the most powerful of the noble houses of Kingdom of Antagonia. They exercise immense authority and power over their vassals and territories and are answerable only to the King.


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