Nobility of Deneb

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Archduchy of Deneb

Norris Aella Aledon (located at Mora; unmarried; no heirs)

Duchy of Regina

Archduke of Deneb (also Jewell and Chronor subsectors)
Includes: Jenghe, Hefry, Forboldn, Knorbes, Yori, Roup, Extolay (/Lanth), Phlume (/Vilis)

Algine Cluster

Includes: Algine, Wochiers, Yurst, Rethe

County of Kinorb

[C.Kinorb] (unmarried; no heirs)
Includes: Dentus, Yorbund, Heya

County of Feri

  • Baron hault-Oberlindes (located on Feri)
    Sergei hault-Oberlindes
  • Shionthy: (none)
    Includes: Pscias, Enope, Beck's World, Keng, Moughas

County of Jewell

Helena Stavelot and Count Walther
Heirs: Eneri, Lord Jewell; Alise, Lady Mongo (under age), Dame Heather of Jewell (under age), Sir Willy of Jewell (under age), Dame Frida of Jewell (under age)
  • Marquisate of Emerald:
    Alin Tuhlerini and Marchioness Frannilaan
    Heirs: Haynee, Lady Emerald; Sir Varan of Emerald (under age), Sir Yaliin of Emerald (under age)
  • Lysen: (none)
  • Marquisate of Mongo:
    currently empty
  • Marquisate of Nakege:
    Kalida Siena
  • Quar: (none)
    Too politically sensitive to have a minor noble in authority.
  • Ruby: (none)

County of Efate

Includes: Alell, Uakye, Whanga, Louzy (/Jewell), Grant (/Jewell)

County of Pixie

Includes: Yres, Menorb, Boughene

Duchy of Aramis

This duchy is unusual in that the duke(ess) does not hold responsibilities as the marquis for the subsector capital.

Count of Celepina

Knowin [lastname?]
  • Marquisate of Aramis:
    Leonard Bolden-Tukera and Marchioness Arianne Tukera (no heirs)

County of Dhian

  • Marquisate of Inthe (/Regina):
    When not in zero-G areas, he must wear a delicate powered exoskeleton to counter his frail bone structure (reportedly due to inbreeding)
    Includes: Paya (/Aramis), Treece (/Lanth), Keanou (/Lanth)
  • (To be added; ref. The Traveller Adventure re: Lewis, etc.)

Duchy of Vilis

[D.Vilis] (located at Frenzie)
Includes: Stellatio, Arkadia, Ficant, Saurus

County of Denotam

Includes: Calit, 728-907, Mirriam

County of Vilis

Includes: Garda-Vilis, Choleosti, Margesi

Duchy of Lanth

Includes: Victoria, Sonthert, D'Ganzio, Arba (/Lunion), Asgard (/Vilis), Tavonni (/Vilis)

County of Dinomn

  • Dinom: (none)
  • Djinni: (none)
    Includes: Wypoc, Rech

County of Echiste

Includes: Kkirka, Pirema, Tureded

County of Ghandi

Includes: Ylaven

County of Ivendo

  • Marquisate of Cogri:
    The marquisate is blinded upon ascendency in recollection of when actions of the hereditary nobility caused hundreds of citizens to be blinded by the intense rays of their sun.
    Includes: Skull, Icetina, Equus

County of La'Belle

Includes: Quopist, Vreibefger, Rhise

Duchy of Rhylanor

Harlo Erghal and Duchess Sara
Heirs: Jucal, Lord Rhylanor (under age); Dame Celeste of Rhylanor (under age) Dame Jane of Rhylanor (under age).
Includes: Porozlo, Jae Tellona

County of Belizo

Includes: Kegena, Huderu

County of Celepina

Includes: Henoz, Zivije, Valhalla

County of Cipatwe

Includes: Bevey, Tacexeb, Vanejen, 457-973, Heroni, Gitosy

County of Fulacin

Adm. Rikk Banoi
Includes: Gileden, Macene, Kinorb, Risek

County of Margesi

Includes: Vinorian, Nutema

County of Natoko

Includes: Pannet, Garrincski, Loneseda, Gerome, Heroni (/Mora), Fosey (/Mora)

Duchy of Lunion

(also Sword Worlds subsector)
Includes: Derchon, Shirene, Carse, Sharrip
  • Marquisate of Flammarion:

Duchy of Adabicci

Ricardo Karennia (widowed)
Heirs: Eduard, Lord Adabicci; Baroness Arahani of Adabicci; Sir Geoffrey of Adabicci
  • Marquisate of Ianic:
    Armis Kowrollian
  • Marquisate of Tenalphi:
  • Spirelle: (none)
  • Zaibon: (none)
  • Rabwhar

County of Caladbolg

Includes: Gunn, Caliburn, Smoug (/Lunion)

County of Persephone

Includes: Penkwhar, Harvosette

County of Resten

Includes: Quiru, Capon, Byret (/Mora)
  • Gorram: (none)

County of Strouden

Includes: Drolraw, Gandr

Duchy of Mora

(Inheritance considers only female heirs; consorts do not have noble title)
Includes: Nadrin, Dojodo, Jokotre
  • Marquisate of Moran:

County of Brody

Includes: Rorise, Sorem (/Rhylanor), Powaza (/Rhylanor)

County of Carey

Includes: Catuz, Mercury, Pimane, Tivid

County of Maitz

Judi Tarrassi
Includes: Fornice, Grille, Meleto, Hexos, Duale

Count of Nexine

Gratha Delrio & Countess Alania (the Nexine Cluster)
Heirs: Helga, Lady Nexine (under age)
Includes: Pallique, Mainz, Pedase, Fenl's Gren, Tussinian (/Trin's Veil)

Duchy of Five Sisters

Naval administration, including Wonstar Cluster)
Includes: Raweh, Emape, Gothe, Mirriam, Jone, Karin, Penelope, Gohature, Iderati

Wonstar Cluster

Includes: Quhauathat, Lakou, Froin

Duchy of Glisten

(also District 268 subsector)
Includes: Aki, Sorel, Overnale, Callia, Windsor
  • Marquisate of Romar:

County of Bendor

Includes: Tsarina, Wurzburg

County of Marastan

Includes: Bicornn, Centry, Crout

County of Mertactor

Includes: Mille Falcs, Egypt (/Glisten), Melior (/Glisten)

County of New Rome

[C.New Rome]
Includes: Craw, Trane, Aster, Horosho

County of Tirem

Includes: Ffudn, Inthe, Caledonia

County of Weiss

Includes: Grote, Mithras, Lydia

Duchy of Trin

Artur Milhelm (unmarried, no heirs)
(Trin's Veil subsector)
Includes: Ramiva, Hazel

County of Chamois

Includes: Zephyr, Tee-Tee-Tee, Youghal, Tenelphi

County of Dobham

Includes: Squanine, Robin, Pyramus

County of Dodds

Includes: Thornnastor, Farquahar, Kelcher, Aramis, D'Mara, Thisbe

County of Hammermium

Includes: Conway, Traltha, Murchison, Prilissa

County of Katarulu

  • Marquisate of Edenelt:
    [M.Edenelt] (unmarried; no heirs)
  • Leander (none)
    Includes: Raydrad, Pepernium, Zyra

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