Nobility of Deneb

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Archduchy of Deneb

Norris Aella Aledon (located at Mora; unmarried; no heirs)

Duchy of Regina

Archduke of Deneb (also Jewell and Chronor subsectors)
Jenghe, Hefry, Forboldn, Knorbes, Yori, Roup, Extolay (/Lanth), Phlume (/Vilis)

Algine Cluster

Algine, Wochiers, Yurst, Rethe

County of Kinorb

? (unmarried; no heirs)
Dentus, Yorbund, Heya

County of Feri


  • Baron hault-Oberlindes: Sergei hault-Oberlindes
    (located on Feri)
  • Shionthy: (none)
    Pscias, Enope, Beck's World, Keng, Moughas

County of Jewell

Helena Stavelot and Count Walther
Heirs: Eneri, Lord Jewell; Alise, Lady Mongo (under age), Dame Heather of Jewell (under age), Sir Willy of Jewell (under age), Dame Frida of Jewell (under age)

  • Marquis of Emerald: Alin Tuhlerini and Marchioness Frannilaan
    Heirs: Haynee, Lady Emerald; Sir Varan of Emerald (under age), Sir Yaliin of Emerald (under age)
  • Lysen: (none)
  • Marquis of Mongo: currently empty
  • Marchioness of Nakege: Kalida Siena
  • Quar: (none)
    Too politically sensitive to have a minor noble in authority.
  • Ruby: (none)

County of Efate

Alell, Uakye, Whanga, Louzy (/Jewell), Grant (/Jewell)

County of Pixie

Yres, Menorb, Boughene

Duchy of Aramis

This duchy is unusual in that the duke(ess) does not hold responsibilities as the marquis for the subsector capital.

Count of Celepina

Knowin [lastname?]

  • Marquis of Aramis: Leonard Bolden-Tukera and Marchioness Arianne Tukera (no heirs)

County of Dhian


  • Marquis of Inthe (/Regina): ?
    When not in zero-G areas, he must wear a delicate powered exoskeleton to counter his frail bone structure (reportedly due to inbreeding)
    Paya (/Aramis), Treece (/Lanth), Keanou (/Lanth)
  • (To be added; ref. The Traveller Adventure re: Lewis, etc.)

Duchy of Vilis

? (located at Frenzie)
Stellatio, Arkadia, Ficant, Saurus

County of Denotam

Calit, 728-907, Mirriam

County of Vilis

Garda-Vilis, Choleosti, Margesi

Duke(ess) of Lanth

Victoria, Sonthert, D'Ganzio, Arba (/Lunion), Asgard (/Vilis), Tavonni (/Vilis)

County of Dinomn


  • Dinom: (none)
  • Djinni: (none)
    Wypoc, Rech

County of Echiste

Kkirka, Pirema, Tureded

County of Ghandi


County of Ivendo


  • Marquis of Cogri: ?
    The marquisate is blinded upon ascendency in recollection of when actions of the hereditary nobility caused hundreds of citizens to be blinded by the intense rays of their sun.
    Skull, Icetina, Equus

County of La'Belle

Quopist, Vreibefger, Rhise

Duchy of Rhylanor

Harlo Erghal and Duchess Sara
Heirs: Jucal, Lord Rhylanor (under age); Dame Celeste of Rhylanor (under age) Dame Jane of Rhylanor (under age).
Porozlo, Jae Tellona

County of Belizo

Kegena, Huderu

County of Celepina

Henoz, Zivije, Valhalla

County of Cipatwe

Bevey, Tacexeb, Vanejen, 457-973, Heroni, Gitosy

County of Fulacin

Adm. Rikk Banoi
Gileden, Macene, Kinorb, Risek

County of Margesi

Vinorian, Nutema

County of Natoko

Pannet, Garrincski, Loneseda, Gerome, Heroni (/Mora), Fosey (/Mora)

Duchy of Lunion

(also Sword Worlds subsector)
Derchon, Shirene, Carse, Sharrip

  • Marquis(ioness) of Flammarion: ?

Duchy of Adabicci

Ricardo Karennia (widowed)
Heirs: Eduard, Lord Adabicci; Baroness Arahani of Adabicci; Sir Geoffrey of Adabicci

  • Marquis of Ianic: Armis Kowrollian
  • Marquis of Tenalphi: ?
  • Spirelle: (none)
  • Zaibon: (none)
  • Rabwhar

County of Caladbolg

Gunn, Caliburn, Smoug (/Lunion)

County of Persephone

Penkwhar, Harvosette

County of Resten

Quiru, Capon, Byret (/Mora)

  • Gorram: (none)

County of Strouden

Drolraw, Gandr

Duchy of Mora

(Inheritance considers only female heirs; consorts do not have noble title)
Nadrin, Dojodo, Jokotre

  • Marquis of Moran: ?

County of Brody

Rorise, Sorem (/Rhylanor), Powaza (/Rhylanor)

County of Carey

Catuz, Mercury, Pimane, Tivid

County of Maitz

Judi Tarrassi
Fornice, Grille, Meleto, Hexos, Duale

Count of Nexine

Gratha Delrio & Countess Alania (the Nexine Cluster)
Heirs: Helga, Lady Nexine (under age)
Pallique, Mainz, Pedase, Fenl's Gren, Tussinian (/Trin's Veil)

Duke(ess) of Five Sisters

(none; naval administration, including Wonstar Cluster)
Raweh, Emape, Gothe, Mirriam, Jone, Karin, Penelope, Gohature, Iderati

Wonstar Cluster

Quhauathat, Lakou, Froin

Duchy of Glisten

(also District 268 subsector)
Aki, Sorel, Overnale, Callia, Windsor

  • Marquis(ioness) of Romar: ?

County of Bendor

Tsarina, Wurzburg

County of Marastan

Bicornn, Centry, Crout

County of Mertactor

Mille Falcs, Egypt (/Glisten), Melior (/Glisten)

County of New Rome

Craw, Trane, Aster, Horosho

County of Tirem

Ffudn, Inthe, Caledonia

County of Weiss

Grote, Mithras, Lydia

Duchy of Trin

Artur Milhelm (unmarried, no heirs)
(Trin's Veil subsector)
Ramiva, Hazel

County of Chamois

Zephyr, Tee-Tee-Tee, Youghal, Tenelphi

County of Dobham

Squanine, Robin, Pyramus

County of Dodds

Thornnastor, Farquahar, Kelcher, Aramis, D'Mara, Thisbe

County of Hammermium

Conway, Traltha, Murchison, Prilissa

County of Katarulu


  • Marchioness of Edenelt: ? (unmarried; no heirs)
  • Leander (none)
    Raydrad, Pepernium, Zyra

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