Nathaniel Taylor

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Name Nathaniel Taylor
Age 60
Pilgrimage 1
Affiliation TN, Command
Role Commander
Related To Skye
Status Living
@PCs Local Authority

Terra Nova Wiki
Benevolent dictator of the Terra Nova Colony

  • Strict, but usually fair. He will make sure he gets things his way, as long as they help Terra Nova, in his eyes
  • “Green” true-believer, conservationist (but not to the point of total-idiocy); totally invested in the public “pollution” explanation of the plague, & no clue about alien terraforming
  • Hand-picked by former Pres Washington & given total authority over Backline operations
  • Pissed off corp(s) that wanted to strip-mine by utterly refusing to allow it, resulting in some covert attempts to remove him from authority
  • Extra-suspicious of military types after the takeover incident
  • Chews wooden matches sometimes